Why studying in Bali?

A semester abroad in Bali: Studying between palm trees and fantastic beaches – a perfect combination


Alone the name Bali is associated with paradise beaches and dreamlike landscapes. Bali – more than just an island of Indonesia! In addition to your professional knowledge, you will expand your personal horizon

More and more students choose an overseas semester. Nowadays, it is not only important to bring professional knowledge into the professional world, but also linguistic skills and, above all, soft skills are of crucial importance.

The Southeast Asian region is not least due to its high economic growth as a “motor of the world economy” and “new generation” to cite just a few large business sheets. Western corporations have discovered Southeast Asia not only as a production location, but also as a sales market. This shift also increases the demand for well-trained employees who have already gained experience with Asian culture and its practices. In addition to these experiences, networking is now indispensable. Studying at Udayana University gives you the opportunity to make contacts with local as well as international students from all over the world.

Since the lectures are held in English and “Bahasa Indonesia” courses are offered, you have the opportunity to further improve your linguistic skills. In addition to native professors, many lecturers also come from international universities such as Melbourne, Singapore or Hong Kong, so many lectures in the past were held by English native speakers.

general preconditions

In principle, every student can register with these programs regardless of the country of origin. As explained in the descriptions of the study programs, there are different programs for different courses of study. Of course, it is also possible to register for a module from another area, if desired. So you can design your overseas semester with the modules that are relevant to you and account for your performance.

professional preconditions

Choose from the various study programs the one that best suits your course of study. The specialist focus is based on a superficial basic understanding of the areas.

A distinction between Bachelor and Master students is given by special courses. Thus, students from higher semesters can substitute modules for further courses.

linguistic preconditions

Proof of the level of your English language skills is not required. Please note that all lectures in written and spoken are held in English. We also offer opportunities to achieve English certificates from Udayana University or cooperative partners in Bali.

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